Galería Vértice


Isabel Cuadrado introduces her fourth solo exhibition Temporal Measures at the Gallery Vértice in Oviedo. The exhibition consists of several pieces of art that were created last winter in Fiskars AIR, Finland.

“The weather in winter, the extreme cold or the snow have strongly influenced my daily life, which run mainly in a domestic environment. The house thus became the raw material for my work, which allowed me to discover a whole series of relationships between internal objects, furniture, light… elements that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

A second part of the work I developed there was based on the daily work carried out during a month that was aimed to create a different installation every day for the same space and the results are collected and registered in the blog

Both experiences, the blog and the work I am introducing now, are part of the same unit of meaning, as they are the result of the same investigation process and of the exhaustive analysis of the immediate environment. The two processes complement each other as they focus on the mystery of daily life’.

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